Eagles News · Flip-flopping…

Since joining Division II-A, Ezell-Harding athletics has participated in District 3 of the Middle Region in volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and tennis.  However, when the TSSAA Board of Control voted to split public and private schools officially into two divisions, this meant that the private schools that had remained in Division I athletics would have to move to Division II.  As these schools transitioned to Division II, it became obvious that the Middle Region would have to be reconfigured because of geography.  Two of the schools entering the Middle Region were Columbia Academy and Grace Christian, both representing two of the most geographically southern schools in the region.  Since Ezell-Harding is relatively central compared to other schools, it made the most sense for EH to move from the District 3  to District 4 since it would not change travel much for the school.

The new district shapes up with many familiar faces:

District 4

Clarksville Academy

Davidson Academy

Donelson Christian Academy

Ezell-Harding Christian School

Friendship Christian School

Goodpasture Christian School

Mount Juliet Christian School

Nashville Christian School

University School of Nashville

Division II-A Middle Region