Eagles News · Catching Up with Coach Mays…

Recently, we were able to sit down mid-season with the head boys basketball coach, Michael Mays, and discuss the progress of the team this season:
1.  Coming in to your first year coaching at EHCS, what were your expectations and goals for this team/program?
My goals and expectations have more to do with actions than results.  I believe that if you work as hard as you can every single day, things generally turn out well.  My aim is to instill a culture of playing hard, playing smart, and playing unselfishly.  We will do this through growing and developing basketball players at an early age.  We are in the process of taking advantage of a K-12 school and forming consistency from top to bottom.
2.  How have the players adjusted to your style of coaching and your expectations?
There was definitely an adjustment period, but the boys have responded well.  While the pain of discipline may be difficult in the short term, I think that most kids thrive when being held to a high standard once they know that a coach cares about them.  We ask a lot out of the players and they have worked hard.
3.  How have you seen them grow as a team so far this year?
I have seen the team grow dramatically in the last 7 months.  We have changed quite a lot and have asked them to learn many new things over a short period of time.  They have been very coachable and have done their best to do what we ask and that is a credit to them.
4.  What makes you excited about the future of EH basketball?
Several things!  I believe the leadership at EH is committed to putting coaches and teams in a position to be successful.  I love a challenge and working towards building something bigger than myself.  I am excited about the process of building the foundation of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice that is needed for a championship program.
5.  How has your previous experience helped you in your first year as a head coach?
I had the privilege of playing and coaching under what I consider to be some of the finest coaches and men that I have ever encountered.  I was shaped as a player, a man, and a Christian through these mentors.  I see their influence on me every day.  I hope to have a similar kind of impact on our players here at Ezell-Harding.