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Coed Varsity Bowling · Bowling defeats ranked JPII…

The Bowling Eagles traveled north to take on the 5th ranked boys JP2 and 7th ranked girls JP2 team bowling teams today.
In the Lady Eagle match our ladies fell behind quickly in the first game by 88 pins.  The Ladies got a little help from Lydia Charlton who came out and bowled for the first time.  She bowled a respectable 295 series which was excellent for a first bowler on the team.  Leilani Waack continues to lead the team and had a 424 series.  Jenna Roberts had a 297 series and Loren Rainey also chipped in 293 pins as the Lady Eagles fell to JP2 21-6.  The Eagles will play their final regular season game on Tuesday against the 5th ranked Lipscomb Academy Girls team on Tuesday at 3:45 at the Smyrna Bowling Center.
The Eagles headed into the match today against JP2 looking for a little “Respect” after the recent lopsided loss to Friendship Christian.  Facing the best bowler in the Region the coaches reminded the team, “The State Champion will get his points…but to win the total pin count for the team will go further in getting us the win!”  Last year’s team bowled pretty badly so bowling good for the Eagles was not going to be an easy task.
In the first game behind Kenton Gentry’s 233 and encouragement the team bowled a 1067 pin count to take 27 pin lead and a 6-2 lead in points.  The second game found Mark Woody with a flurry in the end and the high game of 211 as the Eagles once again bested JP2 by bowling a 1012 and giving the  Eagles 98 pin count victory.  Jakub (Jack and the beanstalk) Szostak like he did in the State Tournament last year took down last year’s State Champion 188-169 and took a point from the best bowler in the Region…that was a huge momentum changer.  So with 125 pin lead and a 12-4 point lead the boys were told to finish strong…and they did.  The final game found Daniel Dryden with 195 to lead the bowlers to a 977 pin count and a 79 pin win which gave the Eagles a 21-6 and a 204 pin victory over JP2 the 5th ranked team in the state.
Heroes of the day!!!
Daniel Dryden             540 series – 185, 160, 195
Kenton Gentry             539 series – 233, 144, 162
Jakub (Jack) Szostak  528 series – 171, 188, 169
Mark Woody                514 series – 145, 211, 158
Sadler Slate                 478 series – 181, 164, 133
Casey Vetatoe             457 series – 152, 145, 160
It was a great team effort today!  We’ll need that plus we need to bowl the very best game of the season to win our final game Tuesday against Lipscomb Academy.  We are hoping to have a huge crowd on Tuesday as it may have State Tournament implications.  Come if you can and cheer our Eagles bowling then go and catch the opening night of basketball at the school.
Go Bowling Eagles!!!!