Multiple Teams · Q and A with Head Volleyball Coach: Diane Griffin

EHCS VolleyBall_0361. How does it feel for you to finally have a place(home) for your girls?

To have a “home” for our team is an absolute blessing to my girls and me. We are incredibly grateful to those who have made it possible for us to have our own space. To see the looks on the girls’ faces and to hear the excitement in their voices the very first time they saw the lockers was like a parent watching their children at Christmas.

New Volleyball Lockers
New Volleyball Lockers

2. What would you say to our volleyball alumni about the program and the new locker room?

We always love hearing from and seeing alumni, and we welcome any alumni to visit us. Another volleyball reunion is in the initial stages of planning for next July or August. We want our locker room to reflect the special times spent together as teams throughout the years. You can help us with this project by submitting any special pictures to be displayed in the the locker room. As you submit pictures and remember the events surrounding those pictures, please share your special memories of playing volleyball at EHCS with us.
3. What are your thoughts on the season?  Who is standing out?  
The season has had its ups and downs, but this is a great group of girls. They get along, they care about each other, and they help each other. I could not ask for a better group of young ladies. Coaching them has been fun, even though we haven’t won as many of our matches as we would like. Because all of our players contribute in their own way, and all of the seniors have helped to develop a camaraderie among our players, I hesitate to identify individual players. However, middle blocker Abby Burton is probably the player that our opponents would remember the most. Having played only two years, she has truly become a valuable contributor to our team. Rachel Batson has transitioned into her third position in as many years, always wanting to play and always being willing to play the position the team needs at the time. With the ability to read a court well, she is able to make on the court adjustments to increase our success as a team. Kacey Senn has stepped into the role of setter as a sophomore, consistently hustling and being aggressive on the court.
4. What are your thoughts about the new district/region we find ourselves in.

The new district is a tough one and competitively matched. Volleyball is a short season, and playing 7 other teams twice limits our schedule to predominantly district matches. If we can survive the district tournament being held during fall break, we can be competitive in the post-season.